When MCT oil may NOT be a good idea

Recently, coconut/MCT oil has become a popular choice for weight loss and exercise performance. Here is the Issue with coconut/MCT oil:Some individuals with certain genetics (example variant TCF7L2) see increased weight gain with saturated fats (MCT is particularly high in saturated fats – see list below). If this genetic variant is present, the consumption of saturated fats … Continue Reading

Top Natural Products For Libido

When thinking about support libido, most people immediately think of Viagra. One of the many reasons I love being a Naturopathic Doctor is because I know that there are so many other safer and natural options to try to help improve libido before reaching for a prescription. Here are the top 3 libido boosting herbs: … Continue Reading

Magnesium Supplements Guide: Which Form Is Best For You?

Magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral in your body. [1] Yet around 80% of the world’s population is deficient in magnesium. In my last post about seasonal affective disorder, I mentioned that magnesium is essential for proper brain function, mood regulation, calming the nervous system and sleep. It is also involved in muscle contraction and … Continue Reading

Natural Treatment For Post- Partum Depression

Up to 13 per cent of new mothers experience postpartum depression. And now there’s a natural treatment that may help prevent it. Postpartum Blues are quite common after giving birth, and usually start around 4-7 days postpartum. Postpartum Blues and Postpartum Depression are not the same thing, but when the blues get severe it significantly … Continue Reading

Post Pill Acne And How To Get Rid Of It

A concern women often have when coming off the birth control pill is “post pill acne”. And this concern is often valid due to the way the pill works. They may have experienced this in the past or their friends or family may have told them this might happen. Coming off the pill with acne … Continue Reading

What To Eat When You Have A Cold or Flu

Is it starve a cold, feed a fever or feed a cold, starve a fever? Actually, it is neither. It’s not how much you eat but rather what you eat. So here is a simple eating plan to help you shake off symptoms, fortify your immune system, and speed up recovery when you are feeling … Continue Reading

Top 10 Natural Ways To Protect Yourself Against Viruses

While reading the news at times, I wonder why no one is talking about ways that may help prevent ANY virus: boosting the immune system. The truth is, those who die from the flu do not actually die from the virus but rather a compromised immune system. And you get this from a lack of … Continue Reading

Do you have heartburn? You could have H. Pylori

If you experience digestive symptoms, especially in the upper digestive system, you may have a bacterial infection called Helicobacter pylori (H. Pylori). Do the following sound familiar? Burning pain in the abdomen, bloating/ burping after eating, bad breath, nausea, aversion to meat, loss of appetite, weight loss. If you have any of these symptoms, you may … Continue Reading

Tips For Better Sleep

Achieving better sleep can lead to better health, there is no doubt about that! It is a time when all the cells in our body regenerate, this includes the brain, gut and skin. Improving both onset and quality of sleep therefore improve energy levels, cognition, memory, skin appearance and overall functioning! This is a list … Continue Reading